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Welcome to the best wild to table restaurant in New York. There are famous Brooklyn restaurants, and then there is us. We are unique. We stand out. We are not like anybody else. Our food is wild. Freshly caught. It is the way nature intended we should eat. Healthily. Local and organic. No matter your taste, you will never forget a famous dining experience such as Honey Badger promises.

Wild mushrooms, fresh fish, natural game… Our ingredients are the finest quality. No drugs, no hormones, no other harmful agricultural practices. Just healthy food sourced ethically, sustainably, and without any of the dangers of modern foods. Add impeccable service, friendly staff, an atmosphere found nowhere else, and you have yourself the makings of a meal like no other.
Wild To Table Restaurant


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We support local. This makes us American. Wild American. Our dishes consist of wild animals, wild mushrooms, wild plants, and some local organic fare. Our ingredients contain no GMOs, no drugs, no pesticides, no growth hormones, just food in its most natural state. As such, we pledge to never support harmful agricultural practices that only serve up unhealthy food. As said, we lead the pack.

• Source Local, Organic Ingredients

We only use foods that are available locally. This means foods in their proper seasons too. Our hunters source quality fish and game, our foragers gather popular mushrooms, herbs, and other wild edibles. We support local farmers, those that grow and raise organic, healthy foods.
• Support Sustainable Food Practices
Industrial agriculture is harming the planet, warming the environment, poisoning the soil and air, incentivizing genetic modification, and torturing animals. We do not support such practices. Instead, we hunt, forage, grow, and support those farmers with similar ideals.
• Advocate Alternative Food Choices
Food is better clean and fresh. We show how to eat well using ingredients from nature, as opposed to a store. Education is key. The ability to hunt and forage means food freedom, but making it your finest dining experience yet is an art. You will never forget it.

Create the Best Dishes

At Honey Badger, we strive to please you. Our menu, our aesthetic, our wild attraction all aspires to woo you with our unique cuisine. Made by ourselves, every step of your meal comes prepared with pleasing you in mind, every ingredient sourced locally, organically, and sustainably.

The best famous dining restaurants Brooklyn has to offer.

Now that you know who we are, come eat with us. Just follow the map or find us at this address:


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Rated one of the top famous dining restaurants in New York, we are industry leaders. Our service, our menu, our staff all promise impeccable standard. If you enjoy traditional American cuisine, then we recommend it prepared the wild way. It promises tastier food, every time. Our hunters and gatherers specialize in wild seafood, vegetables, game, often exotic, and we make great pastas.

Honey Badger in Lefferts Gardens
Fine dining food at American restaurant

Crème de la Crème of Famous Brooklyn Restaurants

We are top in New York. Rated and ranked, and with good reason too. Google “boutique restaurants near me” and find us easily. As industry leaders, we pride ourselves in offering a unique menu in a traditional way. We bring nature to you, prepared wild, as it should be. This makes our food the tastiest, the freshest, whether it is our famous seafood or our exotic pastas.

Eating With Us

Opening Days

Tuesday: 6pm-10pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm
Thursday: 6pm – 10pm
Friday: 6 pm – 10pm
Saturday: 6pm – 10pm
Sunday: 6pm-10pm
Monday is Closed
Honey Badger Owners

Future of Famous Dining in New York

American restaurants are changing. Menus are offering healthier options than the junk food of old. Famous dining is increasingly popular, as people look for good food in a comfortable atmosphere. At Honey Badger, we use only local ingredients. We source the finest of them, we forage, hunt, fish, and support organic farmers in the area. We believe in sustainability, in giving back to nature.

For you, it means come hungry. Come ravenous. We serve the healthiest food in the tastiest way, all of it clean, fresh, and prepared in its entirety by ourselves. We do it all. We brine, we pickle, we smoke, braise, and ferment. Our specialty dishes include homemade mushroom, game, seafood, and pasta dishes. Some we forage, some we buy, and we know exactly where it all comes from.

An American Menu Like No Other

Because of all this, our menu is truly unique. Nobody else serves meals like we do. We represent America in all its wildness. As such, we have zero in common with the local junk stores. We are proud of the quality of our food. We are proud to do it ourselves. We are proud that no other famous dining restaurant in Brooklyn can compare, and we are proudest when you come back for more.

• Fresh is Best

We guarantee the freshest ingredients. Because we hunt, forage, fish, and source our ingredients locally, fresh is what they are. We plan our menu seasonally, according to what is naturally available. We do not import ingredients; we do not store them. Your food is from this morning, nearby, and not from another country many months ago.

Fjolla Sheholli and Junayd Juman
• Expect Flavor
Because our ingredients are fresh, they are at their tastiest. They are also bursting with natural goodness, being sun-kissed, wild, and full of flavor. We are gourmet. We do not use industrially grown or store-bought produce. No GMOs. We only use what nature provides. We are also chefs, both of us, and wildly proud of it.
• Nothing Cleaner
Since many of our dishes are wild, all of them organic, none contain pesticides, residual solvents, fillers, antibiotics, growth hormones, or any other additives of any kind. Our game run wild, free, and other meats on the menu all live in sustainable, humane conditions. There are no bad ingredients in any of our dishes. We make sure of it. Mostly, we make it ourselves.
• Atmosphere is Everything
Your happiness is important to us. This means more than just ensuring you eat well. We put great effort into creating the right atmosphere for the very finest dining. It involves forethought. Planning. It also requires a happy staff. A happy environment. Our clients leave euphoric because our staff are, our restaurant is, and our food will always be.


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