Fjolla Sheholli and Junayd Juman - Matey Seafood festival


Among the best dining Brooklyn restaurants, Honey Badger adds wild to your dishes. Sourced locally, our ingredients define organic. We use only the freshest produce. What is more, we prepare every aspect of your meal ourselves. We smoke, we brine, we braise, we pickle, we even ferment. In so doing, we showcase the very best that our local farmers, hunters and foragers offer.

This makes Honey Badger unique. It stands us out from the crowd. As such, you can expect a best dining experience like no other. Wild to table, that is our motto. Our goal is to serve the finest food anywhere. Our aim is to please. We create unforgettable memories, from wild to table to tantalizing taste bud.

Our restaurant offers local fare. As such, we are wild American. Expect wild game, wild mushrooms, wild foods. Local farmers provide the healthiest produce, free of GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. We believe in healthy food choices. We strive to never serve harmful food or support harmful food practices. This too puts us ahead of the rest.

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