How To Get The Best Seat At A Modern American Restaurant?

How To Get the Best Seat at A Modern American Restaurant?

Fine dining is about so much more than food. Where you sit matters. You could be sat adjacent the bathroom, for example, where the smell of eau de toilette keeps company. You do not want that. If you do not like your table, do not accept it. This is crux. Simply make your way back to the host stand and wait for a better table, the placement of which might vary between American food restaurants. Generally, the seats most coveted are the “display tables.” These, quite literally, put you on display. They are immediately visible to everyone entering, yet well away from the front door and any draft. Display tables are angled best. You see everyone, and everyone sees you. The worst seats are by the bathroom, of course. You also want to avoid the door in winter and the kitchen in summer. So how do you secure the best seat, especially if it is a busy time of year?

Most every American restaurant will let you book your reservation online. Doing so gives you the best opportunity to make clear your preferences. To spell them out. It also gives you more options you would most certainly not have otherwise. You can prebook your table easily. You can choose ahead of time where you will sit, be it at the bar, on the patio, or beside a warm and cozy fire.

Going old school and calling direct remains an effective tactic. Most people enjoy the interaction of talking to another. They like to put a voice with a name. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it is very personal. As such, it greatly improves the quality of service you ultimately receive. Call ahead, introduce yourself. Ask for the seats you want. Discuss questions you may have.

If you just must have a specific table, then book it well ahead of time. Reach out early. Book online, call, and visit in person if really hellbent on it. Just be sure to do it early. Some of the most popular tables in New York have months-long reservations. Book early, very early, at least two months early at some of the top restaurants. Call the day of your booking too to confirm any seating arrangement.

If you enjoy a particular table at a particular restaurant and you eat there often enough, it might be in your best interest to befriend the staff. Having good personal relationships with them will stand you in good stead if you ever need a good table in a hurry, or if you would like to better your table, or if you enjoy the highest level of service. Regulars and family. It is, of course, who you know.

To guarantee a good seating placement, take the time to dress for it. No modern American restaurant will ever place you well if you do not look the part. If you want a prominent seat, dress well. Extravagantly. To be seen. You might not need a tie and jacket, as such, but no Maître d’ will ever prioritize someone dressed like a schlub. Check the dress code online or call ahead to ask.

If you book a table for a specific time, do not be late for it. You will lose any good table you might have had, and you will likely end up as filler at those tables you do not want. While there is no need to get there early, if you are late five minutes or more, call to let the restaurant know. Most will find no issue with it, even if most of your party comes late. Eventually, however, they will move on.

While you do not need to pay for a good seat, it can sometimes work when all else fails. If you want the best seat, consider tipping the Maître d’. Be direct about it. A crisp $20 when shaking his or her hand should be direct enough. Not all regulars slip cash, though. Many tip well too. However, a good seat at a good place could well materialize with $20 or $50 for a table of two or four.

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There is no need to go overboard. No need for insanity. Booking a good seat is as easy as having a little grace. Being classy. Really. In essence, if you want a good seat, do not be a jerk. Dress appropriately, arrive on time, and stay humble. If you are late, shoddy, and arrogant, you might just find yourself seated by the busiest, smelliest cleaning closet instead. Perhaps even by the loo.

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