Best Fine Dining Restaurants Brooklyn

The modern American restaurant is moving from fast food to fine dining food. People are sick from what they eat and are looking for healthy foods. We at Honey Badger use the finest locally sourced ingredients. We hunt. We forage. We fish. We support local farmers, those who raise and grow their food organically, those with sustainable, environmentally friendly practices in mind.

For you, the hungry: This means the healthiest food. It means the tastiest. The freshest. The cleanest. We prepare your entire meal ourselves, including any braising, pickling, brining, smoking, and even fermenting required. We specialize in homemade seafood, pastas, game, and even mushroom dishes, all organic, some wildly foraged and hunted.

Unique American Restaurant Menu

As such, Honey Badger offers an interesting menu. We are traditional American, from “Wild America” days, not modern junk store. We pride ourselves on quality. We pride ourselves on doing it all. There is no other fine dining food restaurant in Brooklyn like us. Because of where and how we source our ingredients, we differ in a few important ways:


Since we source our ingredients locally, they are always fresh. They are seasonal. We do not store ingredients for the year, and we do not use imported. Your meal is fresh, caught or picked nearby this very morning. Not several months ago in another country.


Of all famous restaurants, Honey Badger is tastier. This is, again, because our ingredients are fresh. They are also wild, sun-kissed and bursting with natural flavors. This makes our ingredients gourmet, superior to store-bought and industrially grown produce. We are also chefs. Best of them.


Many of our dishes are wild, using ingredients unchanged by antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides. Our farmers are organic too. None use harmful chemicals, and all raise happy animals in humane and sustainable conditions. No toxic industry ingredients in any of our dishes. None.


We believe in ambience. In good service. In fine food. This requires the right conditions, a feat of much forethought and intelligence. Our diners are happy because our restaurant is. Our staff is the best, our food unmatched, our vibe unique. You too can experience fine dining food firsthand.

Best Restaurant in Brooklyn

American food restaurants are plentiful. You find them everywhere, part of convenience culture. However, the best of them is rarer. Harder to find. Impossible to forget. Honey Badger is one such. Memorable. Notable. One to tell your friends about, your grand kids around a fire one day. If you have a taste for adventure, for wild, for exotic, then come eat with us. Discover it anew.

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