Event Catering Service

Event Catering Service

Professional Event Catering Service

At Honey Badger, we cater for events. Big or small, we do them all. As the best fine dining restaurant in Brooklyn, we know food. Not just any food either, but healthy food. Organic. Wild. We forage for our ingredients. We hunt and fish. We only support those with natural and ethical farming practices.

What is more, we do it ourselves. All of it. We pickle. We braise. We smoke. We make it all by hand. From scratch. No store-bought meals. We make real food, using real ingredients. Being two of New York’s most popular chefs, our catering services are in very high demand. Statewide. Nationwide.

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Honey Badger offers a wild catering menu. Handpicked just this morning in the woods. We can tailor a menu specifically for you. If you are vegan, let us know. If you have any other preferences, do tell. We cater for all events. Private. Corporate. Intimate. The tastiest dishes in New York.

Whether a casual event or formal, Honey Badger knows what to do. From snacks to starters, main dishes, and desserts, our chefs are the very best. If you need a venue for your event, our restaurant is in a prime location. If not, we cater for other venues too.

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