Payment Methods

Payment Made Easy

It has never been easier to pay for your meal. You can reserve your seat and pay online. We accept cash too, along with all major cards, credit and debit. Most tables pay at reservation, but we do run a cash bar for drinks and any extras you might order at table. It matters not how you want to pay; we make it easy and convenient for you.


We take your financial security seriously. We do not use third parties to secure your transactions. Rather, we work directly with your financial provider.


We do not include tips in your bill. A 10 percent gratuity for the waitron serving you is universally acceptable. However, we leave this at your discretion. (Please check)

Payment Methods

Cash is acceptable, as always. Credit cards are too, as are debit cards. We accept all major cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others.

Bank Charges

Your bank will likely charge to swipe your card. Online payments might not accrue charges, but if you pay at table, a processing fee is possible. Applicable charges will depend on your financial provider.

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